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Location / Directions / Maps

Location: South of the village of Attica; town of Attica; Wyoming County; New York.

Maps: Google MapTopographic; Interactive map.

GPS: Dam: (N 42.83695 / W 78.25869)
Natural waterfall: (N 42.83699 / W 78.25829)
View from Dunbar Rd: (N 42.83725 / W 78.25736)

Directions: From Batavia: Take NY-98 south for 9 miles.
As you approach Attica, make a left onto Stroh Rd and at the next intersection make a right onto Maplewood Rd. Follow it for 1.1 miles.
Turn left onto NY-238S (Halls Corners Rd) and follow it for 1.3 miles.
Turn right onto Dunbar Rd.
Dunbar will bend north, and the entrance to the power station facility will be on the left.

From nearby Cascades of Attica:
Head east on Cascade Rd to Beck Rd and make a left.
Follow Beck Rd north to Halls Corners Rd/NY-238 and make a left.
The next intersection will be Dunbar Rd. Make a left there.
Dunbar will bend north, and the entrance to the power station facility will be on the left.

Use Google Maps to get better directions than I could give.

Parking: It may be possible to pull into the power station driveway to get a closer look. I’m unsure of the policy. If it’s the weekend, this may be okay. If it’s staffed, you can ask.
Otherwise, park roadside on Dunbar.



Information / Accessibility / Accommodations

Number of falls: 2. A man-made dam and a natural waterfall.

Size/Types: The dam is 10 ft tall. The natural falls, which is just downstream is about 3-4 ft tall. There are a few small ledges below these that appear to be man-made, perhaps old remnants of dams, or used for silt control.

Best time to visit: Year-round.

Flow: Moderate.

Waterway: Crow Creek, which is fed by the Attica Reservoir, just over two miles southeast of here. The reservoir is primarily fed by Stony Creek. Crow Creek continues north, over the Cascades of Attica and into the Attica Reservoir held back by this dam. Just before it reaches the state prison, it turns left and merges with Tonawanda Creek.  Tonawanda Creek passes through Attica and then reaches Batavia 13 miles to the north. At Batavia, it turns west through Indian Falls. Shortly after, it runs through Tonawanda Reservation and eventually to the city of Tonawanda, where it empties into the Niagara River near Tonawanda and Grand Island.

Time: Just a few minutes to see it from the road.

Seasons/Hours: Daylight hours.

Admission: Free.

Handicap Accessibility: Yep. It’s roadside.

Pets: It’s private property and the creek is a public water source. Keep your pet in the car.

Accommodations: None. Head north into Attica for shops and eateries.


This is an easy set of roadside falls to catch on your way to, or back from, the nearby Cascades of Attica.

It’s simply a 10 ft dam (holding back the Attica Reservoir) and a small 3-4 ft cascade below it. It can be seen easily from Dunbar Rd as you drive by, or park along the road and walk over to the creek to get slightly closer. The land up the driveway may not be accessible. Stick to the road.

Crow Creek Dam and Falls Interactive Map


The first settlers in Attica were Zerah Phelps (of Connecticut), Deacon Porter, Nathaniel Sprout, Isaac Townsend, and Major P. Adams, who settled here in 1802. Zerah Phelps purchased the plot of land, which was to become the town of Attica, from the Holland Land Company in Batavia. Stephen Crow, for whom the creek is named, arrived later in 1802, and settled in Attica Center, east of the creek.

A map from 1866 shows a mill at this location. By 1902 the mill no longer appeared on maps, probably due to the reservoir being constructed.

Crow Creek Dam Media

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