Approximate locations of New York Waterfalls and rapids. Visit locations at your own risk. If you trespass, you may be criminally charged and liable for any damages. Map contents are protected by copyright.

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How to use this map

Map zoomNavigation: Two-finger drag to move around the map. Pinch to zoom in and out or tap the [+] or [‒] buttons.

Pins denote waterfall locations. The color and markings on the pin indicate the status and some details of the location. Pins represent approximate locations only. In some cases one pin may represent a location with many waterfalls (a glen or park). Click the pin to get a brief description of the location and, if available, a link to the profile for that location.

White Pins indicate that little information is known about this location. Either we don’t know if the falls is accessible or the number of falls or location is not confirmed.

Red Pins indicate that this location is not accessible. Either it is on private property or some other reason you are not allowed to go there. Chances are you will not be able to see this waterfall. lists the locations of these falls for educational purposes and asks that you respect property owner’s rights and keep off their land.

Blue Pins indicate a location of a single waterfall. The blue color indicates that the waterfall is accessible (as far as we know). Even if the waterfall is on private property, if you can see it clearly without trespassing, like from the roadside, it will be marked as blue.

Diamond Blue Pins indicate that this location has more than one waterfall. Diamond pins can be Blue, Red or White.

View full screen will expand the map to fill the screen – ideal for mobile connections.

Accuracy and completeness: In no way is this map 100% complete or accurate. Think before you do something stupid. Don’t trespass.

New York Waterfall List

New York State Waterfall List

A list of all the waterfalls on the map and a few more. Complete with locations (when available), descriptions, alternate names, and links to detailed guides.
The database has over 600 locations and 2,000 waterfalls. It’s updated regularly with adjustments, more information, and new locations. Like this page, it’s a good page to bookmark for easy reference when traveling around New York. Check it out here.