About NYFalls


This whole website is pretty much run out-of-pocket and part-time by one guy and his good friend who fixes his many mistakes. Ads help fund hosting, but donations keep the site growing and maintained. Donating just a few bucks a month goes a long way. Become a patron.


This site exists to help people appreciate the natural beauty of Upstate New York, in hopes of encouraging more people to appreciate it, either by visiting, admiring, or creating art from their inspiration. Our goal is to help protect these areas through awareness of their beauty and importance.

The Team

The people that keep this site together.

  • Matthew Conheady, Founder, Author, and Photographer
  • Kelly Lucero, Editor and Photographer
  • Matt Champlin, Author and Photographer
  • Special thanks to: Kyle Hobart, Carol Truesdale, Chris Babcock

Founded in 2006

Matthew Conheady founded the site as a way to continue his studies in conservation and photography.

Privacy Policy

What information we collect, how, and why it’s collected.

Photo use policy

It’s very simple. I do not grant permission for you to use my copywritten photos or writing on your website, in commercial, personal, or educational materials. If you want to use it, contact me for a license. Unauthorized use may result in a DMCA takedown notice, complaint, invoice being sent, and possible legal action in accordance with copyright law. An exception to this strict rule is when you are linking to NYFalls as a reference. If you link to NYFalls page, you are welcome to use an image from that page. If you need the image, contact me and I’ll give you the image in the size you need.

Our Host

We use Chemicloud hosting for variety of reasons. They have server nodes in New York, which gives lower latency to NY audiences, and their litespeed WordPress platform is easily 4x faster than my previous host. I can’t be happier with the speed. It’s night and day over HostGator, my former host. I can’t recommend them enough. If you host a WordPress website, don’t skimp on hosting and start with something powerful.