Photography Tips & Tricks for waterfall and nature Photography
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Photographing waterfalls: Beginner's Guide.

Photographing Waterfalls: A Beginner’s Guide

The first of a series, this guide will help the novice camera user take better photos of not only waterfalls, but anything in general. Future articles will concentrate on more technical areas of waterscape photography including advanced shooting and Photoshop techniques.

Photographing waterfalls using lens filter

Photographing Waterfalls: Using Photographic Filters

The second in a series, this guide will help the intermediate camera user take advantage of photographic filters to achieve better photos of waterfalls and waterscapes. Filters, such as the Neutral Density, help achieve special effects like the “silky look” on many waterfall photos.

5 Quick Tips to improve Your Waterfall Photos

Photographing Waterfalls: 5 Quick Tips

5 simple, but highly impactful tips for waterfall photography to make the best of the scene in front of you, to keep overprocessing in check, and to help you capture from new perspectives.

How to Take Sharper Pictures

Not getting the results you’d like out of your camera? Are your photos soft and lack the crisp details you’d expect for the money you paid? Here is a guide to getting crisper, sharper photos from your digital camera. For the beginner and advanced user.

Tips for Photographing Snow and Winter Scenes

Photographing Snow and Winter Scenes

This simple guide to photographing in the cold will help you get exposure, color, and a few other things, right before your fingers freeze to your camera.

Upstate New York Photography, Hiking, and Waterfalls message board

Photography Tips and Tricks Message Board

Our community section has several tips and tricks topics to help you out. If you don’t find the answers you are looking for, just ask.