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Can Waterfalls Improve Mental Health

A skeptical look at the topic of waterfalls and blue spaces on mental health, taking a critical look at the thought that being around waterfalls reduces stress, improves cognition and overall mental well-being.

Waterfall Hiking Safety Tips

Waterfall Exploration and Hiking Safety

Don’t go chasing waterfalls unprepared. Check here for some safety tips for exploring streams and waterfalls.

New York City Waterfall Art Project from 2008

The New York City Waterfalls

90 to 100 foot waterfalls in New York City? The summer of 2008 made this a reality. Although the actual product was barely as grand as the plans made it out to be, the waterfalls that adorned the harbor were an interesting distraction from business as usual. The project has since been dismantled, but this section will be left online for historical purposes.

New York Trespassing Law summarized - hiking

NY Trespassing Law Summarized

Many of the areas we would like to explore are on private property. Much of this land isn’t marked. Be careful and do the research before you head out. This means looking for signs of private ownership as well as knowing the laws regarding trespassing. Here is our interpretation of the trespass laws in New York State.

waterfall and geology glossary

Waterfall and Geology Terminology

A list of our commonly-used terms and their explanations.

Taughannock Falls Rock Fall

Taughannock Rock Fall (2010)

This amazing scene was captured by Arthur Lovell of Oxford, UK, around 2pm on November 4, 2010, when a large section of overhanging sandstone rock from the cathedral-like gorge wall fell into the plunge-pool below, creating a massive wave.