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Here’s the truth: running a website costs a decent amount of cash. Creating new content (including HD videos, history writeups, and custom maps) isn’t easy. As much as I’d love not to have the burden, the site, and its following, has done wonders for not only tourism in the region, but also for conservation. I’d love to keep it going… and perhaps it’ll be my full time job someday.

I do run ads, but they do not pay the bills. Rather than stuffing the site with more and more ads, NYFalls is looking for volunteer donations to keep going. Once funding goals are met, the ads go away! It’s win-win. See how you can support the cause; support Upstate New York; support a creatorand get something in return!

Goal for 2024 – Get enough donors so I can purge banner ads from the site!

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You can set up a recurring donation to help me fund the site and its continued growth. There are several tiers, all of which grant you access to Patreon posts containing exclusive content (wallpapers, videos, tips, etc). Many tiers get you FREE fine art prints and more! Patrons can also help influence content and get their message out.

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You can set up a one-time or recurring donation to help me fund the site and its continued growth.

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