Lakes of NY

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The Great Lakes

Lake Ontario Parks and Beaches Guides.

Lake Ontario

The eastern-most and smallest of the Great Lakes. The largest and foremost body of fresh water for upstate New York with a coastline populated by more than 2 million in the US and 9 million in Canada. The massive size of the lake contributes greatly to local weather conditions in the area, both good and bad. There is a variety of stunning beaches to enjoy.

Lake Erie Parks and Beaches Guide

Lake Erie

The fourth largest of the Great Lakes and the shallowest, Lake Erie is bordered by 4 states and Ontario, Canada. It is one of the world’s largest freshwater commercial fisheries, an important shipping route, and spotted by beautiful resorts and beaches. Lake Erie borders New York southwest of Niagara Falls.

The Finger Lakes

A guide to New York's Finger Lakes

The Finger Lakes

While there’s a bit of controversy as to how many lakes actually make up the true “Finger Lakes,” a group of 10 or so digit-like lakes in Western and Central New York, The Region itself is unmistakable. Known for its wine, craft brew, roads, and waterfalls, the Finger Lakes Region is a premier vacation destination in the northeast United States.

Other Lakes

Green Lakes State Park information

Green Lakes State Park

Located southeast of Syracuse, Round Lake and Green Lake are glacial kettle lakes and the remnants of an ancient, gigantic waterfall. The lakes get their name from their characteristic aqua-marine color. These unique lakes are preserved within Green Lakes State Park and offer a spectacular view year-round.

Onondaga Lake Guide

Onondaga Lake

What was once a chemical and municipal wastewater dump, is now a lake in transition. Clean-up and recovery methods are now underway and already millions enjoy the expansive, and well-developed Onondaga Lake Park. Located in Syracuse, NY, Onondaga Lake is a case study in both environmental abuse and healing.