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Niagara Falls Visitors Guide

Niagara Falls Visitors Guide

This Comprehensive Niagara Falls Historic Timeline is a part of our Niagara Falls Guide, a comprehensive look at The Falls, top attractions, and other awesome parks in the region, with a focus on photography and nature.

How many people visit the Falls each year?

It is estimated that roughly 13 million people visit Niagara Falls each year. Peak season is June through August.

When do they light up the falls?

2023 Schedule – Regular Illumination

Regular illumination is then the falls cycle through various solid colors.

January 1 – 315:00 p.m.1:00 a.m.
February 1 – March 115:30 p.m.1:00 a.m.
March 12 – 317:30 p.m.2:00 a.m.
April 1 – May 148:00 p.m.2:00 a.m.
May 15 – July 318:30 p.m.2:00 a.m.
August 1 – 158:00 p.m.2:00 a.m.
August 16 – 317:30 p.m.2:00 a.m.
September 1 – 197:00 p.m.2:00 a.m.
September 20 – 306:30 p.m.2:00 a.m.
October 1 – 156:15 p.m.2:00 a.m.
October 16 – October 316:00 p.m.2:00 a.m.
November 1 – December 314:30 p.m.2:00 a.m
Niagara Falls illuminated in white

2023 Schedule – Special Illumination/Events

May 31, 202310:00 – 10:15Niagara Children’s CentreBlue, Yellow
May 31, 202310:45 – 11:00Preeclampsia Awareness MonthBlue, Pink
May 31, 202311:00 – 11:15OACETTRed
June 1, 202310:00 – 10:15June National Deafblind Awareness MonthBlue
June 1, 202310:45 – 11:00Pride MonthRed, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
June 2, 202310:00 – 10:15Wear Orange – Everytown for gun safety, Buffalo chapterOrange
June 2, 202310:00 – 10:15BGC Club DayGreen
June 4, 202310:00 – 10:15Gutsy WalkRed
June 5, 2023Top of every hour for 15 minutesWorld Environment DayGreen
June 5, 202310:30 – 10:45Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) Awareness WeekPurple
June 6, 202310:00 – 10:15Sweden’s National DayYellow, Blue
June 9, 202310:00 – 10:1513th Annual Italian Heritage MonthRed, Green, White
June 9, 202310:45 – 11:00Mental Health and PTSDGreen
June 9, 202311:30 – 11:45Bulgarian Folklore FestivalWhite, Green, Red
June 10, 202310:00 – 10:15Mountainview LemonAID DayYellow
June 12, 202310:00 – 10:15125 Years of Philippine IndependenceBlue, White, Red
June 14, 2023Top of the hour 9:00, 10:00 & 11:00National Blood Donor WeekRed
June 15, 202310:00 – 10:15World Elder Abuse Awareness DayPurple
June 17, 202310:00 – 10:15CDKL5 Awareness DayGreen
June 18, 202310:00 – 10:15World Sickle Cell DayRed, White
June 19, 2023Top of every hour for 15 minutesJuneteenth Freedom DayRed, Green & Black
June 19, 202310:15 – 10:30St Jude’s Research HospitalRainbow
June 19, 202310:45 – 11:00Pollinator Week 2023Yellow, Orange, White
June 20, 202310:00 – 10:15World Refugee DayBlue
June 21, 202310:00 – 10:15Migraine Solidarity DayPurple
June 21, 202310:45 – 11:00ALS Awareness Month & Global ALS Awareness DayPurple
June 23, 202310:00 – 10:15Global HHT Awareness DayRed, Blue
June 24, 202310:00 – 10:15Pride CelebrationRainbow
June 25, 202310:00 – 10:15World Vitiligo DayWhite, Purple
June 28, 202310:00 – 10:15PrideRed, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
June 29, 202310:00 – 10:15#tealforscleroderma World Scleroderma Awareness DayTeal, White
June 29, 202310:45 – 11:00PrideRed, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
June 30, 2023Top of every hour for 15 minutesPrideRed, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
July 1, 2023Top of every hour for 15 minutesCanada DayRed & White
July 4, 2023Top of every hour for 15 minutesIndependence DayRed, White & Blue
July 4, 202310:45 – 11:0050th Anniversary of the establishment of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)Blue, Yellow, Green
July 5, 202310:00 – 10:15National Injury Prevention DayGreen
July 9, 202310:00 – 10:15Nikola Tesla Day International FestivalRed, Blue, White
July 10, 202310:00 – 10:15Nikola Tesla Day International FestivalRed, Blue, White
July 10, 202310:45 – 11:00Independence of the BahamasBlue, Yellow
July 11, 202310:00 – 10:1550th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and CanadaRed, Blue, White
July 22, 202310:00 – 10:15Landmark LightingBlue, Orange
July 22, 202310:15 – 10:30World Fragile X DayTeal
July 23, 202310:00 – 10:15National Day of EgyptRed, White, Black
July 23, 202310:15 – 10:30Chromosome 9p MinusGreen, Blue
July 28, 202310:00 – 10:15World Hepatitis AllianceGreen
July 29, 202310:00 – 10:15Landmark LightingBlue, Orange
August 5, 202310:00 – 10:15Food Day CanadaRed, White
August 10, 202310:00 – 10:15Ecuador Independence DayYellow, Blue, Red
August 19, 202310:00 – 10:15Restoration Day – Dominican RepublicRed, White, Blue
September 1, 202310:00 – 10:15National Day of the Slovak RepublicWhite, Blue, Red
September 2, 202310:00 – 10:15Prostate Cancer Awareness MonthBlue
September 9, 202310:00 – 10:15Viva Mexico at the Niagara FallsGreen, White, Red
September 11, 202310:00 – 10:15Childhood Cancer Awareness MonthYellow
September 13, 202310:00 – 10:15World Sepsis DayPink
September 15, 202310:00 – 10:15Costa Rica IndependenceBlue, White, Red
September 23, 202310:00 – 10:15World Mitochondrial Disease WeekGreen
September 25, 202310:00 – 10:15Women in Utilities (WiNUP) groupBlue
September 30, 2023Top of every hour for 15 minutesNational Day of Truth and ReconciliationOrange
September 30, 202310:15 – 10:30NICU Awareness DayGreen
October 1, 202310:00 – 10:15National Liver Awareness MonthGreen
October 1, 202310:15 – 10:30CIBC Run for the CurePink
October 7, 202310:00 – 10:1511th Annual Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness DayTeal
October 9, 2023Top of every hour for 15 minutesCanadian ThanksgivingRed, White
October 12, 202310:00 – 10:15National Day of SpainRed, Yellow, Red
October 13, 202310:00 – 10:15World Thrombosis DayBlue, Red
October 13, 202310:15 – 10:30Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day #LightUpMBCGreen, Pink, Teal
October 14, 202310:00 – 10:15World Skin Disease Awareness DayBlue, Green
October 15, 202310:00 – 10:15Wave of LightPink, Blue
October 19, 202310:00 – 10:15Light It Up! For NDEAMPurple, Blue
October 19, 202310:15 – 10:30National Psoriatic Arthritis DayPurple, Orange
October 29, 202310:00 – 10:15Rett Syndrome Awareness MonthPurple
November 1, 202310:00 – 10:15MADD Canada’s 2023 Project Red RibbonRed
November 6, 202310:00 – 10:15Color The World Orange for CRPS/RSD AwarenessOrange
November 8, 2023Top of every hour for 15 minutesNational Indigenous Veterans DayOrange
November 9, 202310:00 – 10:152023 Softball CanadaRed, Yellow, White
November 11, 2023Hourly 6:00 – 11:00Remembrance DayRed
November 11, 2023Hourly 6:15 – 11:15Veterans DayRed, White, Blue
November 18, 202310:00 – 10:15Independence Day of LatviaRed, White
November 19, 202310:00 – 10:15National Enteropathic Arthritis Awareness DayPurple
November 23, 2023Top of every hour for 15 minutesAmerican ThanksgivingRed, White, Blue
December 8, 202310:00 – 10:1540th Anniversary of the Ronald McDonald House Charities of WNYRed, Yellow, Blue
Illuminated Niagara Falls

About Niagara Falls Illumination

Prior to 2016 the illumination display took 21 xenon lights rated at 4,000 watts each. 11 of those are directed towards the Horseshoe Falls, 9 on the American Falls and one centered on the Bridal Veil Falls. The bulbs last about 4 months and cost $1100 each to replace, not to mention the cost to power them. In 2016 the LEDs replaced the old setup, offering more consistent lighting, better color range, and power efficiency. Today, the lighting is far more consistent with a wider range of colors than ever before.

Illumination can be seen from either side, with the best spot to see it being from the Canadian side near the Ramblers Rest Pavilion or Grand View Observation Deck.

Niagara Falls illuminated in purple with Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada in the background.

When are the fireworks?

The 2023 Fireworks series runs every night from May 19 to October 9, 2023 at 10 p.m.

The show lasts about 5 minutes. All dates and times subject to change and dependent upon weather and wind conditions.

Best places to see them

Queen Victoria Park in Canada, one of the best places to view the falls. The walkway along the gorge will close preceding the show. Reserve a spot on the other side of the Niagara River Parkway as early as 9pm to get a decent view. The closer to Canadian Falls, the better. The Skylon tower and the Niagara Skywheel are two amazing experiences during the show, but they tend to jack up prices around this time.

On the US side, Goat island and the Observation Tower offer the best views.

Fireworks over Niagara Falls

What Casinos are near Niagara Falls?

There are currently three casinos in the Niagara Falls vicinity: one on the US side and two in Canada.


  • Fallsview Casino Resort – The single largest provincial investment ever made in the Niagara region and is currently the largest commercial development in Canada. The 2.5 million square foot complex includes more than 3,000 slot machines and 150 gaming tables, a 368-room five-star hotel, fine-dining restaurants, a health spa, shopping mall, a 1,500-seat theatre and more. Distance from the Falls: 2,000 ft.
  • Casino Niagara – The first casino constructed near Niagara Falls. Featuring 1,700 slot and video poker machines, 70 tables of gaming excitement, three restaurants, three bars and live music performances. The Market Buffet serves an all-you-can-eat menu inspired by cuisine from around the world. The Sports Section offers multi-sport wagering with plush seating and walls of HD screens. Distance from the Falls: 3,000 ft.


  • Seneca Niagara Casino – A massive casino and the only one on the American side, Seneca-Niagara offers plenty of slots and table games as well as shops, restaurants and world-class shows. The resort features unrivaled luxury accommodations and a first-class spa. The casino floor has an area of 112,590 square feet with an impressive 2,000+ slot machines. Distance from the Falls: 3,000 ft.
Best Niagara Falls Attractions - Fallsview Casino and Resort

What tours of Niagara Falls are available?

Various tours are available from numerous businesses on either side of the border.


Bedore ToursBus tour departing from various US and Canadian hotels as well as NYC. Charters also available. Covers major attractions.yes$$
Gray Line of Niagara FallsA wide variety of tour packages for the Canadian side, as well as the American side and Buffalo tours.yes$$$
S&S LimosineLimousine service serving the western NY region. Offers tours around Niagara Falls and$$$$
Magnificent Tours Niagara FallsA wide variety of tour packages including a Niagara-on-the-Lake wine tour and winter Festival of Lights$$
National Helicopter ToursSeveral helicopter tours. Sights you will never be able to see by$$$$
Niagara Majestic ToursA wide variety of tour packages including one that covers both sides of the border. Custom tours and airport pickup available. Tours start from either$$
Over the Falls ToursVarious tours in full or half day packages, including customized tours. Offers an American side package.yes$$
Rainbow Air Helicopter ToursSeveral helicopter tours. Sights you will never be able to see by$$$$
Whirlpool Jet Boat ToursTravel up the Niagara River to the Whirlpool rapids in this 1500hp speedboat. Prepare to get wet. Departs from US and Canadian$$

Where can one play Golf at Niagara Falls?

Golf is big business in the Niagara region. Several public courses are open on either side of the river, with several more in the making. Most courses close to the falls lie on the Canadian side, while in the United States, more courses can be found further south towards Tonawanda and Buffalo. Unfortunately, no course will give you a view of the Falls, but the Whirlpool Golf Club is positioned along the Niagara Gorge just above the Whirlpool Rapids.

Golf courses in the Niagara region have lush rolling hills and plenty of ponds. Most courses provide driving ranges and putting greens for warming up and clubhouses and accommodation packages for extended stays. We highly recommend you call ahead to confirm fees and tee times. We compiled a list of the most popular public courses near Niagara Falls:

Niagara Falls, New York, USA On the American side:

Beaver Island State Golf Course14 mi (23 km)72186652yes$$map
Brighton Park Golf Course17 mi (27 km)72186530no$$map
Deerwood Golf Course16 mi (26 km)72276948yes$map
Delaware Park Golf Course21 mi (34 km)68185359no$map
Hyde Park Golf Course5 mi (8 km)70366255yes$$map
Niagara Falls Country Club7.2 mi (12 km)70186621yesPrivatemap
River Oaks Golf Course13 mi (21 km)71186483yes$$map
Sheridan Park Golf Course14 mi (23 km)71186534yes$$map

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada On the Canadian side:

Beechwood Golf & Country Club7 mi (12 km)72186550no$$map
Eagle Valley Golf Club4 mi (7 km)63183253yes$map
Grand Niagara Golf Club5 mi (8 km)72187560no$$$$map
Legends on the Niagara5 mi (8 km)72457019yes$$$map
Loch Ness Links16 mi (25 km)72186884yes$$$map
Willodell Gold Club7 mi (12 km)71186407yes$$map
Niagara Falls Golf Club4 mi (7 km)72186135yes$$map
Niagara-On-The-Lake Golf Club15 mi (24 km)7295875no$$map
Oaklands Golf Club3 mi (5 km)72186288yes$$map
Peach Trees Golf14 mi (22 km)2891375no$map
Queenston Golf Club8 mi (12 km)3592857no$map
Rolling Meadows Golf & Country Club9 mi (14 km)70186500no$$map
Royal Niagara Golf Club9 mi (14 km)70276500no$map
Thundering Waters Golf Club1.3 mi (2 km)72187000+no$$$$map
Whirlpool Golf Club5 mi (8 km)72187019no$$$map
A ball on the green at a Niagara Falls golf course

Where is the best view of Niagara Falls?

The best views of Niagara Falls are subjective. I feel that there are so many places to get a clear view of either falls, that the choices below are simply recommendations for different/must-see spots. Here’s my list of spots that give you wonderful views of all of the falls together:

  • Rainbow Bridge (US/Canadian Border)
    • The walkway across the US/Canada border gives you a panoramic view of both falls and the skyline of the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario. It’s the best way to capture it all in one frame. 
  • Skylon Tower (Ontario, Canada)
    • The aging tower is still a top attraction. The windowed elevator ride up the exterior is worth the price of admission alone, but once up, you are free to walk around the 360° observation deck for as long as you want. It’s an open deck with a steel chain-link fence protecting visitors. The gaps in the fence easily allow clear photos through. Signage around the deck tells you what landmarks are in any direction. This is the best way to get a bird’s eye view of the falls.
  • Niagara City Cruises/Zipline building (Ontario, Canada)
    • The complex that houses the relatively new Zipline Launch as well as the River City Cruises (what they call the Maid of the Mist) has a 4 story tower that offers a clear view of both falls. While the Zipline attraction has taken over the top floor, the one below it was still open to the public as of 2022.

Attractions such as the Journey Behind the Falls (Ontario) and Cave of the Winds (New York) get you closer but not full views of all of the falls.

What is the closest viewing area at Niagara Falls?

Horseshoe/Canadian Falls

  • Walkway outside of Table Rock on the Canadian side.
  • The west-most observation point on Goat Island (New York). West of the Top of the Falls restaurant.

Rainbow/American Falls

  • From the Canadian side, view from directly across the river at the Maid of the Mist/City Cruises Building. Buying a ticket and riding the boat will get you closer.
  • The observation area on Luna Island between American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. 
  • The Cave of the Winds deck on the New York side.