Thank you for your donation!

Thank you!

Bringing free content to the world and keeping it safe, secure, and trustworthy is more challenging than I thought it would be when I started this website in 2006. As people grow away from advertising as a model, and accepting no alternatives as a substitute, the heart of the world wide web is drifting away from small and independent content creators that made the web an amazing tangle of treasures. Those, such as myself, who choose not to use the big boys (Facebook, Wikipedia, Youtube, Reddit, and others) as a platform (as they profit from it, and your information), are finding it even harder to grow.

Your donation makes sites like this have a chance, and keeps the feel of independence, passion, creativity, and discovery alive in the web–the way it was over a decade ago.

I greatly appreciate your contribution and I hope you continue to enjoy the content provided here and across our network of sites.


Matthew Conheady