Howe Caverns - Worth it?

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I don't believe they'll allow it. It's basically carry a camera/flash. No bags whatsoever. And I don't think there's enough time to set up a tripod, get your shot etc.
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Their website says no bags and specifically no camera bags. Due to the number visitors based on the day I was there, I'd be really surprised if they allowed tripods.
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Went to Howe Caverns in May 2018. It is definitely worth it, especially because of the underground boat ride. A little pricey, but a good experience. When I was there in '94, they turned the lights off to show you absolute darkness. (not a fan of that.) But this time around, they didn't do that. Not sure if they had to change it for some reason. Anyways, looks like they are trying to make it a resort, so there are other things to do there besides the cave. (ie zip-line, mining for gems, etc)
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Thanks for the info! I was just thinking about this the other day and you saved me some research!
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