New Hope Mills, Moravia, NY

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I went down Rte 38 south of Auburn today. A couple of the places I've been to in the past didn't have much water flowing. Even the main falls in "Cascade" had a little more but too many trees blocking the view. So I decided to come back on Rte 38A and stopped at New hope to check the flow there. It was flowing really nice. One of the residents was near were I parked and after saying "hello" to him. He remarked the mill has a big "leak". So I walked over to take a look. A few years ago I was there and took some pictures then but the leak was just a small amount of water coming out from inside and down the outside of wall. After seeing the "leak", my first thought is that if they don't care of that before next spring thaw, there won't be much left of the mill! Location 5963 New Hope Rd, Moravia, NY. Here is one of my photos:
Nhmd 0183 HD sml.JPG
Nhmd 0183 HD sml.JPG (174.91 KiB) Viewed 10329 times
Comments welcome !
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I think it would be shameful if the situation resulted in further deterioration of the mill or its destruction. :(

If you zoom in on the mill with Bing maps, birdseye view, and turn the perspective around so the compass indicates the north arrow facing down, then following the creek shows up what may be another set of falls on private property.
Bear Swamp Creek Falls.JPG
Bear Swamp Creek Falls.JPG (240.49 KiB) Viewed 10282 times
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That looks like the upper saw mill. Downstream is the red flour mill which the company is preserving and still has the wheel.
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