Diving with Sharks

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Last week my business partner and I experienced a Dive with Sharks at Siam Ocean World, a huge indoor aquarium in downtown Bangkok. We are doing some work for the company that sells the diving experience, so we wanted to experience his product.

I had hoped to wear my GoPro into the tank, but Ocean World does not allow cameras in the water due to copyright issues (they sell access to the tank for movies and TV shows such as shark week). The best I could do is to have my wife shoot from outside the tank with my 5D2 and 16-35mm. I wanted to use a polarizer to cut down on reflections but there wasn't enough light with it, so unfortunately there are some reflections. In the video you will see three of us. The guy in the middle often pushing us around is our dive master Popeye. Of the other two, I'm the one without the long flowing hair.

This was an experience of a lifetime. After about 20 minutes of "instruction" (both my partner and I had dived before) we spent 30 minutes with the sharks, swimming all over an incredibly huge tank. There are over 20 sharks of various types, rays, and schools of large fish. For the general public, the experience costs between $200-250.

To watch the video, make sure to switch the settings to HD 720 and then open to full screen.


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