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Hi everyone,
My name is Liz and I've become a bit of a waterfall junkie this summer! I just love finding new ones. I've already posted one I didn't see on the map and expect to see plenty more post from Delaware County, I'm out to track them all down. If anyone knows of any in Delaware county, please let me know it might just be one I haven't had the pleasure of seeing.
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Welcome to the site :meetyou:

These are the only ones we know of at present time...
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Welcome! As we find them we (eventually) add them. Please post any new one you find to the board here. And check that page often for updates.
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Hi Liz, I know of 3 areas with waterfalls in the Sidney NY area. Its about a 45 minute drive from you but 3 groups of falls in 1 area isnt bad for that travel distance.
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