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Hi everyone, I'm Dave from Long Island. I've been venturing up to the Catskills lately though, cuz I'm obsessed with waterfalls. I've always had family upstate so I've been hiking, fishing, visiting and swimming in waterfalls etc. since i was a kid, but I'd never been particularly and absolutely obsessed with nature, hiking, and waterfalls until more recently. I'm no trail expert but I do know im just beginning on my journey towards a life long love for visiting waterfalls. There's something extremely spiritual about these places for me.
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You're definitely in the right place, Dave! Welcome, and thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. :meetyou:
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Welcome, Dave... I have a feeling this year will be great for waterfalls with possibly record high precipitation. any trip upstate this spring should pay off. have you been to Letchworth? We are planning a day hike in april.
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