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Howdy all

lurked here for a while and joined recently.

this is a great site and wonderful little research to for finding these hidden gems.

been spending most of my weekends as of late down in Naples. ive hit up the usual's IE: Conklins, Grimes, Clarks and Tannery and plan on hitting alot more thru the rest of the year....

ill throw up some shots when i get a moment

amusingly enough i went down to Tannery this past saturday after the rainfall from the previous night. such a nice creek walk. i ended up runnign into one person on the creek that day and started chatting and we did the hike together. while chatting i found out he was a lurker himself whom came up from Ithaca to see the creek himself. we both had a great laugh that we both used this site to find Tannery and happened to be there the same day because of it

welp now time for the work week and hope to be part of this growing community
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we both had a great laugh that we both used this site to find Tannery and happened to be there the same day because of it
Great story!! So glad you shared that in your post!!
And an official welcome to the community! I hope your newfound friend will join as well! :mrgreen: :up:
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Welcome TexMontana!!!
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:meetyou: You found a gem, alright. New to the area? Waterfalling? Photography? long have you been lurking? :poke:
“There’s an inconsequentiality to our lives that living in the wilderness shows up. Mountain are real, they set their limits, they set ours. They expose us, make us vulnerable and strong at the same time. “
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Welcome to the board!
I'll be spending what weekends I can in Naples this summer too (if the creeks can stay wet). Beautiful place there.
Looking forward to seeing your photos.
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