High Falls of Papscanee Creek

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Here is a hidden gem of western Rensselaer County, and one of several falls that tumble down the shale bedrock that marks the edge of the Hudson River gorge. This falls is entirely on private property, and a 1/4 mile bushwhack is necessary to reach it. The owner gladly granted me permission to access it.
Papscanee Falls 2.jpg
Papscanee Falls 2.jpg (193.48 KiB) Viewed 5825 times
The opening at the top is a railroad bridge on the Albany-Boston line. I scrambled up a fin of eroding shale to take this one, without enough room to set up the tripod
Papscanee Falls 1.jpg
Papscanee Falls 1.jpg (239.83 KiB) Viewed 5825 times
What's fascinating to me is that within 1/2 mile Papscanee Creek becomes a tidal arm of the Hudson River, where huge flocks of redwing blackbirds feed on wild rice and osprey and bald eagles are often seen. Papscanee Island between the creek and the Hudson River was the ancestral summer hunting and fishing home of the Mahican indians, and is now a nature preserve.

42 35'10.61"N
73 44'13.20"W
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i love that first photo!! :up: :up:
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Nice shots, good to see more of Rensselaer County being represented.
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