Sri Dit Falls - Phetchabun, Thailand

Talk about waterfalls outside of New York state.

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macnmotion wrote:Thailand also has a culture of overmedication (for humans), and I see this trend at the vet as well. I'm very careful of what I allow to be prescribed for the dogs, and have many times checked in with Brighton Animal Hospital to get a second opinion.
That is interesting. I'm not sure but what it is becoming a trend here as well (for both humans and their pets). Certainly, it depends upon the vet. Having worked for a vet myself, I'm always interested to hear about how veterinary care is in different cultures.
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Cruiser is a cutie. In my opinion goldens are one of the most photogenic puppies. Sorry to hear about your other two dogs.

You have plenty of great waterfall opportunities there. I look forward to seeing more.
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