Niagara Falls State Park Improvements

The place to talk about the world famous waterfall attraction, the tourism, and the condition of each side of the border.

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The Parks department just published a flickr gallery of scenes from the state funded improvements.
They were sorely needed, and now some parts of the park look almost as good as Canada's parks. Let's not stop there.
That park anchors that area's commerce and entertainment. Now that the busiest areas are rebuilt, how about adding a commerce area where approved artists and vendors can set up shop?
How about getting ride of those horrible food service companies that continue to embarrass our country with the insulting cuisine at the snack bars and restaurants?
How about a souvenir shop that has local art and products rather than crap made in china with the same old photo slapped on it?
Most of all, how about an attraction that makes people WANT to choose the US side over the Canadian one? ... 197697997/
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I am all for your recommendations about the art and food. We stayed in a hotel on the Canadian side and absolutely loved a photo hanging on the wall. We asked the motel where they got it and they did not know. When visiting both sides of the falls we could not find any quality art vendors. Pretty crazy. When you visit Mexico and other places you are bombarded with crafts, some good and some bad, but there are plenty to choose from.
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