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Photographic catalog of New York State Historical Markers - Discussion and submissions

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Would once again love to contribute to the NYHistoric site, viewed & printed all the new contributing specifications. SO.......what email address do we now use to send in our submissions?

Thanks much

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Every marker proposed, should start as a topic in this message board. Add your photos, add your information. Let other people contribute. The topic starter and major contributors to a marker will all get credited. The photographers will still get their names on each photo. As a topic is posted, the editors will monitor them. If crucial information is lacking, we will call for it. Anyone can help out. When it is posted as an official entry on NYH, we will let you know.
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Yep.. no address anymore. Just post a new topic on this board, just like you did now. One topic for each submission. Put in all your info. Attach your photos. And we get to work filling in holes, adding content, etc. IF it's ready, it goes up and live on the site. If not, people are welcome to contribute and help out.
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