Anyone near Great Sacandaga Lake?

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On my trip home from the mountains this past weekend, I went through Edinburg to visit Beecher Creek Falls and the covered bridge that is there. After that I continued on south to Amsterdam to pick up the thruway. I passed no less than 3 dozen markers along the way. If time had allowed, I would have stopped to get some or all, however as it was I was in the car for upwards of 8 hours going this way. Normally it takes less than 5 hours. At any rate, a beautiful drive and lots and lots of markers!

Note: from Lake Luzerne/Hadley (alot of markers right here) to Edinburg and the bridge across the lake there weren't many if any at all. They really picked up in frequency though along the southside of the lake right down into Amsterdam.

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Im from down in the Albany area. Not far from where you started near Lake George. Although your ride was already long, you could have traveled rt28 from Queensbury out thru the adirondacks and towards Blue Mountain Lake. You pass many lakes along that way, alot more scenic and probably longer but many better scenic views.
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Definitely an area that needs covering.

Until I can get the new guidelines up, my advice to anyone collecting sites is to
1. take an abundance of pictures of the sign and the surroundings.
2. take beautiful pictures.
3. Collect information.
4. Check out to last dozen or so markers added to see what kind of photos/information we are looking for (although you don't have go as crazy as I do).
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