Shanty Brook Falls

A place to discuss waterfalls. Including the parks that house them and the hikes to get to them.

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Finally! One for Warren county, one of the few that don't have any waterfall pages yet. It's been on the list for a while with just a map, so here's some pics.

A really nice waterfall that Dunn describes in the Adirondack book. His description is pretty accurate, but I sometimes wonder at his distance estimations. They seemed a little short to me and my GPS agrees. Anyway, we found the parking place fairly easily, though we were coming from the other direction, and found the dirt road that leads along the river. Getting across the river was a bit tricky, because the cable crossing the river is gone, but the platform is still there, and you need to find the matching one on the other side to find the trail. Crossing wasn't too bad without the cable, but this time of year the water was very low. Any more and you'd have to plan on wading, and more than that might not be advisable. Once you cross the river, find where the cable had attached to the other side and right nearby is the trail. We followed the stream up and though a nice creek walk, takes a lot more time than walking the trail. But once you get to the falls either way, they are very nice. Not huge, but a nice area to relax and maybe eat lunch. The walk in on the trail is not difficult at all, and if you didn't need to cross the river, I'd say this was a very easy hike. Even with the crossing, it's not bad.

The falls are in a little ravine and plunge down the cliff face. Here's a shot from downstream a bit.


A bit closer in, showing more of the ravine


And a shot facing directly at the falls


I was getting sun now & then due to the spotty clouds, but these didn't turn out too bad. I had tried to get to Square Falls a few weeks before, but the trail to it is very hard to follow and I was running out of time, so that one will have to wait. Maybe some more Warren County falls can be added to the list. One of these days (I've been literally saying this for decades) I want to stop in Glens Falls and see the actual falls. I understand there's some sort of viewing area now.
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