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A place to discuss waterfalls. Including the parks that house them and the hikes to get to them.

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The rules of this forum are simple and easy to remember. If you find anyone breaking them, alert a moderator. If it’s a moderator that’s breaking them, then alert me.

Not following the rules will probably get your post deleted or edited (but we will always tell you why it was changed).
Continuously not following the rules may get you banned (we’ll give you plenty of warnings)

The Golden Rule: Please search the message board to see if a topic exists covering your subject before you post a new one. It's always better to add to an old topic than create a new one. This will make life easier for everyone. Sometimes a search won't do the trick- and moderators will help by merging or moving topics. Don't be discouraged.

1. No spamming.
2. No referral links (links where you benefit from people clicking or signing up). Endorsements and links to your home page or business are to be confined to your signature (unless you are staff, then you have a little more leeway).
3. No links to Porn sites. No obscene content.
4. Controversy is fine. Arguing is fine. But stop at personal insults. Personal insults will be deleted, except in the post about hockey, it’s the only way anyone will ever visit that boring topic.
5. Slander is not allowed. Any slander against or its team members will be candidate for removal. Criticism is welcome. Unfounded accusations will be put up for public review and removed if found to be slanderous. A warning will be given on the first offense. Banning may happen on the second. An example of slander (this will get you banned): " promotes trespassing." An example of criticism (we welcome it): "Does promote trespassing? Let's discuss."
6. Remember this is a site open to everyone. Be friendly and encouraging to help our community grow.
7. Posting of personal contact information (that is not yours) will result in the post (all of its content) being immediately removed and you will be issued a warning. Second offense will get your account suspended.