Shelving Rock Falls

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Some pictures of Shelving Rock Falls near Lake George in the ADKS.
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Very nice, another set I have to get to one of these days.
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excellent color and definition!
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Very pretty!
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:up: Norm! Thanks for sharing!
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great color - great shots
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I live about 25 miles from Shelving Rock Falls and the last 12 miles in are on a dirt road that's heavily traveled in the summer. Shelving Rock Brook only has about a 1/4 mile to go after the falls before it dumps into beautiful 32 mile long Lake George. One year I was riding my mountain bike along the shore and I was stopped by a woman with 4 kids that asked where the falls were. I told her to continue south along the shore until they came to a bridge that crossed the brook and take the path on the far side of bridge and it was just a 10 minute walk to the falls. I ran into them later when they were returning to their boat that they anchored in Shelving Rock Bay and asked how they enjoyed the falls. She was quite perturbed that I didn't tell her about the leaches in the pools below the falls to which I responded that she didn't tell me she wanted to go swimming. It never occurred to me that since they waded ashore from their boat and were spending the day on a lake that continually gets voted as the best lake in America to swim in that they'd be interested in swimming in the brook. :-)

Be very careful, or better yet don't bother, climbing on the falls because every year people are being hurt very badly to the point of being air lifted to the local hospital in Glens Falls or even further to Albany. It's a long way to the nearest rescue squad and the 12 mile dirt road in slows response time to a crawl.
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