Morgan Hill Creek

A place to discuss waterfalls. Including the parks that house them and the hikes to get to them.

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Morgan Hill Creek flows off the south side of Morgan Hill. There are many more falls here but I'm not sure about the property status. On the opposite side of the road there are signs stating the land is a tree plantation and owned by what sounded like a logging company. Further up Morgan Hill Road where a branch of the creek passes beneath the road, you can get a glipse of a large falls (>40') off to the side and below, but there is a posted sign at this point.

Locator Map

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[img2] ... 2347nu0mrj[/img2]

Just for laughs, I found these two posts on under a morgan hill topic
About 10 or 12 years ago, we went up there to visit a friend who was camping off Shackham Road (not sure if it was legal). On the way in, we ran into another friend that was leaving. He told us to be careful because he had seen a man in the woods with a shot gun wearing lipstick! I've never gone back there and never will.
Hiking down the powerline trail one time, I came across a hunter who was standing on the trail. He had a big rifle, and I knew it wasn't big game season. Out of curiosity, I asked what he was after. He stated (in a friendly way), "Basically anything that shows itself." I decided not to do any bushwhacking that day.

I think you've got some guys out there who supplement a lot of their diet by poaching.
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Thanks for the info. I added this to the index.
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