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TV Talk 2014

Postby Matt » Fri Feb 14, 2014 12:01 pm

What's your Watch-list?

I'm currently enjoying:
-The Simpsons- Always my favorite show, and it's one of its strongest seasons ever.
-Bob's Burgers- Cute and funny.
-Parks & Recreation- It's not the office, but it's as close as we can get now.
-The Goldbergs- I love it. Smart, Funny, Nostalgic, and excellent wacky characters (that don't go over the top). ABC, please renew this!
-AFV- I watched it since i was a kid. It's still great. Browsing Youtube for this much good content takes 5 hours.
-Workoholics- Last season was great. The show continues to be fresh, because "gotta be fresh"
-Tosh.0- Funny. But has low points.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Super Hilarious with a strong cast and easy-to-love characters. Finally Terry Crews gets put in a role where he can shine. I hope this gets renewed. It's a gem.
The Middle- I started watching this by accident. I love how the family is a bunch of losers. Casting of odd-looking characters is perfect. I'm hooked now.

I watched season 1 of Orange is the New Black, but it isn't original. It's like a mix of OZ, Lost, and Law and every other show. I won't return for season 2.

Finished up season 3 of Shameless and thought it was pretty strong. Looking forward to next.

Loved Boardwalk Empire season 4, despite critics and fans thinking it was weak.

I gave up on Family Guy and American Dad.... they are resorting to new lows.
Modern Family ... it's just grew up too much. The writing is till good, but eh.. just lost interest.
The Michael J Fox show turned out to be a dud. Same for that Robin Williams show, i forget the name.
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