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Fall Farm Market Festivities

PostPosted: Mon Sep 30, 2013 11:14 am
by Matt
Which Farm Markets have carnival-like festivities (for the whole family)?

I'm aware of a few around me....
Brown's Berry Patch - I have been there when they don't have the fall events, and it's a pretty neat place. I wonder how big their

The Garden Factory always has a pretty good show. A lot of food. Some non-fall-related events. It's down the road from me, so I may head there to snap a few pics of the Alpacas and the " Rare & Exotic Animals" they will have.

I have gone to Long Acre Farms to do their Maize Maze before. Well organized and fun. Other than that I didn't find much that wasn't specifically for kids. Also their cider sucks.

Zarpentine Farms also has a maze... doesn't seem like much else.

GrowMoore- has some stuff going on.

Re: Fall Farm Market Festivities

PostPosted: Mon Sep 30, 2013 8:07 pm
by Kelly
I always enjoy the pumpkin cannon. Pully's in LeRoy has one. It gets fired every Saturday and Sunday at noon, 2 and 4. I think they let people help load it. It gets aimed at old trailer homes on a hill. Pretty sure no one lives in them though. ;)

I took these a few years ago.

Aside from that it's not a real hoppin' place, but that alone is worth a drive for me. Weekends only on the cannon I think.

And there's always Stoke Farms in Wheatland/Scottsville. Looks fairly extensive. But not exactly cheap.