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Re: Moonshine Falls

Postby LyonAvery2 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 2:36 pm

Sorry, Mineallmine, the property is posted, and for good reason. Abuse and safety. The property has been privately owned by one family for multiple generations and was unposted. However for the past 20 years or so that changed as the property became somewhat of a party spot, particularly for underaged drinking. Broken bottles, graffiti, litter, illegal dumping including the discharge of RV holding tanks and damage to vegetation are just a few of the problems. Most importantly there have been 3 fatalities, 2 of which were directly associated with drinking. The pool below the falls is shallow and rocky. The face of the falls is unstable shale and deeply undercut in most places. To scale the falls is foolhardy in daylight and impossible at night. There is no easy way down to provide assistance.

The posted property extends from top of bank on both sides so there is no legal way to access the falls at all. If an unposted way in is found it can only be because the signs, posted annually, were removed. Law enforcement is aware, and an unattended vehicle on Moonshine Road will attract their attention. The property is also regularly visited by authorized individuals with instructions to call law enforcement if trespassers are observed. Unless you have written permission in your possession from me as the Executor you will be arrested and I will, and have pressed charges in every such incidence. It is and will remain posted.
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