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Kyle will be taking on the role of Map Master. While he has experience in mapping for his own personal uses, this role will be a learning experience for him and the website. He is dedicated to making the map experience here on the best it can be through research, and field experience.

Kyle joined in 2008 after finding the site while searching for a waterfall resource online. He was impressed by the site’s precise content and the ability to learn of new falls in his surrounding area that he never knew existed despite hiking in the Finger Lakes area for over a decade. He found a place to showcase his own photos as well as admire those of others already established on the site. A shout out to Matt Conheady is definitely in order for creating this site and continuing to improve it for photographers and info seekers.


Kyle was born and raised in Newark, NY… otherwise known as “315” land. Since then he has moved about the Rochester area and spent a few year stint in Maryland. In 2006 with his daughter due to be born and the importance of family being nearby, he moved back to the area. Currently he resides in Victor.

After graduating high school from Newark he gave college a shot, but quickly learned that that was not his cup of tea. He spent the next decade trying to find a career path and in 2004 figured it out and joined a trade apprenticeship in plumbing and pipe-fitting. By entering the building trades he was able to focus on using his hands and thinking on the go, something that he felt worthwhile. Through 5 years of on the job training and schooling he was able to obtain a career that suited his needs.

Kyle is currently a member of Local 13 Plumbers and Pipefitters of Rochester, NY. He has built and installed plumbing and pipe-fitting systems in the Rochester area to include Wegmans, Strong Hospital, and The Monroe County Water Authority.


Kyle is still trying to find his niche in photography, with an interest in all aspects however mostly focusing on landscape with a bias towards waterfalls. His passion for waterfall photography did come about after finding this site after all. Rarely will you find him out in the midday; he strictly believes in the blue hour and spends many a summer weekend getting up when others are going to sleep, to get to a location before sunrise.

Kyle has found a new photography interest in concert photography.  He has been fortunate enough to make a contact at Constellation Brands-Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center (CMAC) in Canandaigua, NY and has had the opportunity to photograph some major acts that have performed there.  His interest in many genres of music as well as wanting to showcase the multitude of music acts that come through the Finger Lakes area were his inspiration to get into this niche.  Using a crop sensor, he is at a bit of a disadvantage as most concerts are plagued with low and ever changing lighting.  Most serious concert photographers are using full frame cameras due to their ability to gather more light on their respective larger sensors.  Nonetheless, Kyle is using the capabilities of being able to push up the ISO on his camera to work with the lighting and walk away with some keepers.  Not yet owning a dedicated lens for concerts, he has been renting them and mixing it up until he finds the “one” do-all lens.

He bought into the Pentax brand mostly to go against the grain. With everyone else shooting with Canon, Nikon and Sony he felt the need to be different. While some doubts have arisen with his choice, he looks forward to growing with the Pentax product line.

He is still learning and doesn’t quite understand all the technical aspects of photography, instead relying on his eye to pick a scene and hoping that through his camera settings and post processing he will get something that is a keeper.

Favorite photographers: A bunch of great photos on and other local photos he follows via Flickr. No “professional” on the world stage appeals to him per se when so many local photogs produce amazing images of scenes that he can relate to.


Kyle is an avid outdoorsman and spends as much time as he can hiking about the Finger Lakes region. In the past couple of years has also made it a goal to hike each of the 46 high peaks of the Adirondacks above 4000’, and the 35 Catskills above 3500’.

Sporting teams: Rochester Knighthawks, Chicago Blackhawks, Washington Redskins.

Favorite music: From Led Zepplin to Craig Morgan, Depeche Mode to 50 Cent and everything in between.

Favorite tv shows: Breaking Bad, Lost, The Walking Dead, Dexter, as well as a slew of cooking, survival, and game shows.


If you would like to contact Kyle for questions regarding maps on this site or for your own personal mapping needs, you may email him at

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